• During the registration, the applicant must upload a valid YouTube video performance link(-s) for the Preselection Round, where performs two pieces from the list below accordingly to requirements:

1 piece
W. A. Mozart | The First movement with a Cadenza from any Violin Concerto below:

    • Violin Concerto No. 1 · in B-flat major · KV  207, I movement (Allegro moderato);
    • Violin Concerto No. 2 · in D major · KV 211, I movement (Allegro moderato);
    • Violin Concerto No. 3 · in G major · KV 216, I movement (Allegro);
    • Violin Concerto No. 4 · in D major · KV 218, I movement (Allegro);
    • Violin Concerto No. 5 · in A major · KV 219, I movement (Allegro)

2 piece
N. Paganini | One selected Caprice from "24 Caprices for Solo Violin"
 · Op. 1

  • Editing of the video recordings is prohibited, but different pieces may be recorded at different times and in different locations

I ROUND (no more than 50 participants)
1. J. S. Bach | III and IV movements from any Violin Sonata below.
Violin Sonata No. 1 · in G minor · BWV 1001, III and IV movements (Siciliana, Presto);
Violin Sonata No. 2 · in A minor · BWV 1003, III and IV movements (Andante, Allegro);
Violin Sonata No. 3 · in C major · BWV 1005, III and IV movements (Largo, Allegro assai).

*Movements with repeats must be performed only with the first repeats.

2. N. Paganini | One selected Caprice from "24 Caprices for Solo Violin" · Op. 1

*the same can be repeated from the preselection round.

3. Compulsory piece for Violin solo, written by Lithuanian composer

  • Only compulsory piece  - Giedrius Kuprevičius „The Strings and Fingers“  -  can be performed from the notes.

*The compulsory piece's notes will be sent to each participant when they complete the registration and pay the registration fee.


II ROUND (no more than 15 participants)
1. Selected virtuoso piece (duration up to 15 min.);
2. Transcription by Jascha Heifetz;
3. W. A. Mozart | Violin Concerto No. 4 · in D major · KV 218 · I movement (Allegro) with J. Heifetz cadenza.

III ROUND (no more than 6 finalists)

The finalists will be accompanied by Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra.

1. One of the concerts for Violin and Orchestra:
    • J. Sibelius| | Violin concerto · in D minor · Op. 47;
    • P. Tchaikovsky | Violin concerto · in D major · Op. 35;
    • M. Bruch | "Scottish Fantasy" · in E flat major · Op. 46;
    • J. Conus | Violin concerto · in E minor.


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