We often receive comments from the audience that some of the participants who deserved to pass to the next round were unfortunately left "behind the line." This year we allow the audience to fix such a "mistake." 

If a participant who wins the audience voting did not pass to the second round, he can get the "Audience Ticket" and compete in the second round, regardless of the Jury score. If the winner is a participant who has already passed to the second round, we will conclude that the Jury and the audience have the same opinion, and the "Audience Ticket" is not needed.

Short Voting rules:

1. To the next stage of competition can go participants who pass to the second round according to the Jury voting + 1 participant with "Audience Ticket."
2. Only one participant, who got the majority of votes from the Public, receives the "Audience Ticket."
3. No one receives the "Audience Ticket", if the participant with the most votes already passed to the second round.
4. The audience voting starts with the beginning of the 1st round video-stream.
5. The Jury voting results will be announced at the end of the 1st round video-stream.
6. The audience can still vote for almost another 24 hours until 20th January 2021, 18.00 Lithuanian time (Eastern European Time (EET), UTC +2, Lithuania/Vilnius).
7. One can vote only for one participant and only one time.

 P.S. If the activities of "hackers" and "Internet worms" during the voting will be detected, the organizers reserve the right to cancel all process and not hand over the "Audience Ticket" to anyone


Enjoy the streaming and vote for your favorite!

"Audience Ticket" goes to Elvin Hoxha Ganiyev, (Azerbaijan-Turkey)


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