Сompetition rules




1. The competition will be held 19–25 February 2021 in Vilnius.

  • The competition is open to violinists from all countries, who were born on or after February 2, 1994.


Note: The competition is not open to previous 1st prize winners of this competition.




  • Participants register ONLINE from 15 April to 10 December in 2020 on website: https://artistdb.eu/en/nousr/contests

  • During the registration, the applicant must provide a valid YOUTUBE video performance link, where he/she performs:

  • 1. W. A. Mozart. First movement with cadenza of one selected violin concerto:
    No. 1 in B-flat major KV 207;
    No. 2 in D major KV 211;
    No. 3 in G major KV 216;
    No. 4 in D major KV 218;
    No. 5 in A major KV 219;
    2. N. Paganini. One caprice selected from Op. 1

  •  The video must not be edited. It might include recordings from different times. The organizers must receive the video link no later than 10 December 2020.

  • Each participant shall prepare a program in accordance with the Competition repertoire. The selected program should be stated in the application form.

  • During the ONLINE registration, it is necessary to pay the entrance fee, which is not refundable. Also, the entrance fee will not be refunded to competitors who were accepted and fail to arrive at the competition.

  • Questions are answered at the following contacts: info@ipmc.lt, address Totorių St 20, Vilnius, Lithuania.




  • Received applications are forwarded to the committee, which consists of the competition management.

  • Candidates are informed about their acceptance until 18 December 2020. 

  • Management of the competition intermediates for the participants who need a VISA in order to come to Lithuania, but it doesn't bear any financial responsibility. To receive a VISA, please contact in advance (December) by e-mail info@ipmc.lt.




  • Audition (video link and application).

  • 1st Round Violin Solo.

  • 2nd Round with Piano, (possible to come with an own accompanist or perform together with the provided accompanist).

  • Final Round with Orchestra.


  1. 1st and 2nd Rounds will take place in The Great Hall of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre Gedimino pr. 42);
  2. Final Round will take place at the Lithuanian National Philharmonic with Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra (Aušros Vartų g.5);
  3. The possible number of participants in the 1 Round is 40, in the 2nd Round is no more than 12, in the Final - no more than 6.
  4.  All repertoire has to be performed by MEMORY. Participants decide about the order of performance of pieces in each round;
  5. All performances are open to the public; 
  6. The participation order will be established by drawing of lots – the order will remain valid until the end of the competition;





  • Travel to and from Vilnius is each competitors responsibility.
  • During all Rounds, the participants pay their own living expenses.
  • The organizing committee will provide classes for rehearsals and professional accompanists. 1 acoustic rehearsal, 1 rehearsal at the class (50 min) and 1 performance on the stage will cost 100 EUR. Additional rehearsal will cost 40 EUR. 
  • It is forbidden to have contact with the Jury during all the competition (unless the participant is a student of a Jury member). After the announcement of the results, those who did not make it to the next round are welcome to ask the opinion of the Jury.
  • The students of the Jury members can take part in the competition, but those Jury members are not allowed to vote for their students or have an impact on the decisions of other Jury members and their decisions.
  • The decisions of the Jury are final and not subject to appeal.
  • Jury members could stop unprofessional performance.
  • The Jury has the right to announce no more than three laureates. 1st Prize is indivisible. If a higher prize is not awarded, the additional lower prize can be appointed, but no more than 3 awards. 
  • Competitors must register in person at the Secretariat at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre 19 February 2021 class 101, Gedimino pr. 42, Vilnius.
  • Chosen competition laureates, diploma holders and winners of the special prizes are obliged to take part in the Competition Final concerts of the competition without remuneration.
  • The competition's all rounds and final concerts of the winners can be streamed online on radio and television, recorded on audio, video, or compact CD without any additional payment for the participants of the competition. The competition will be available online.
  • The Management of the Competition reserves a right to permit all the Competition performances and final concerts to be broadcasted by radio and television and to be produced as audio, video, film, CD, tape cassette and vinyl recordings without remuneration to the competitors. 




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